Nag Champa Natural Fair Trade Incense


This truly is the best incense I have ever found, after a lot of experimentation! Mother's India fragrances contain only natural ingredients and no synthetic fragrances

Our Shanti Nag Champa is the best Nag Champa around. Many people tell us so, and so do our noses. On top of that, it's Fair Trade and now comes with a 5p charitable donation on each full length stick packet sold. Sounds good? Is good!

This luxurious fragrance has a pure honey and a resin called Mattipal at its base. This gives the fragrance its full and sweet scent and makes the sticks soft to the touch. The sticks will burn for up to 2 hours.

Here's what specialist incense-reviewing website has to say about this incense: Shanti Nagchampa itself is indeed the incense that smells the most like classic nag champa, although fortunately in this case something more like Bam Champa or the original halmaddi formulations of a decade ago. Perhaps this is the one that lets the mattipal speak the loudest as it seems to not only have the greater evergreen note but is redolent of cassia spice, adding up to a certain dryness that’s quite attractive. It certainly has me fairly nostalgic for the champa scents of old, that wet and intensely aromatic smell I remember from opening the old Satya blue box when it useds to be good.

Packed in a box of 20 sticks wrapped in grease proof paper, it is a feast for both the eye and the nose...

Like all my products, Nag Champa incense is fair trade.

For more information on how this incense is made and how you are helping others by buying it, click here

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