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The canvas bags that I sell are made by SRUTI (Society for Rural, Urban and Tribal Initiative), based in New Delhi, India, and one of the charity's income streams is designing and selling these bags. At present I am the only importer.

SRUTI started by supporting individuals at the grassroots who had a burning desire to contribute to social change in India and work amidst the deprived and exploited sections of Indian society. SRUTI invests in these young development workers and assist them in their work.

SRUTI thus positively impacts the lives of thousands of people, including marginalised women, men and children. It can be described as an intermediary organisation that facilitates, supports and strengthens grass root level initiatives across rural and urban India.

SRUTI's work covers many fields; including:

Disaster Response

An important part of SRUTI's work is to reach out and support people in times of disaster. It has been actively involved in relief work (physical and financial) during the Orissa Cyclone (1999), the earthquakes in Uttarakhand (1991) and Gujarat (2001) as well as during and after the Tsunami (2004).


Education is one of the most critical issues in the development of children and societies. Education devoid of love and respect towards the cultures and nature leads to an exploitative relationship among individuals, communities and towards our environment and a loss of fundamental values such as harmony, peace and democracy.

SRUTI feels that effective education is the most effective weapon of social change and empowerment of the marginalized. We believe that investing in education is investing in the future.

SRUTI continues to look to thefuture with many initiatives to relieve suffering in India. For more information, see their website.

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