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Tibetan Children's Village

Tibetan Children's Village

The brutal occupation of Tibet by the Chinese in 1959 culminated in one of the most wanton acts of cultural destruction the world witnessed in the 20th Century. As a direct result of the Chinese invasion of Tibet, over 1.2 million Tibetans lost their lives. Six thousand ancient monasteries, repository of priceless arts and artefacts, were looted and razed to the ground. The systematic destruction of Tibet, environment and culture, continues even today.

Children from the Tibetan Children's Village

Tibetan Children's Villages Tibetan Children's Village (TCV) is an integrated community in exile for the care and education of orphans, destitutes and recently escaped children from Tibet. It is a registered charity based at Dharamsala, North India which also has many branches spread across India with over 11,000 children under its care.

TCV Handicraft-Cum-Vocational Training Centres’ preservation and promotion of Tibetan arts and crafts is one vital component of TCV's cultural education programme. The Handicraft Training Centre has become essential for giving education in arts and craft, and to help young artists and craftsmen in exile seek gainful employment opportunities.

Thus TCV Handicraft Centres were established first in Dharamsala in 1974 and later in Ladakh in 1983. The Centres currently have 131 trainees and apprentices and 66 staff and employees. Artisans at the TCV Handicraft Centres are proud of their achievements, both in the field of providing education to the children and in the preservation and promotion of Tibetan cultural heritage. Our Centres have become not only financially self sufficient but are also able to contribute their share of income to the mother organization. The Centres take pride in the fact that over the years they have trained hundreds of artists and craftsmen who are serving the society today.

Many of the Centres' top graduates are currently serving as master craftsmen in various Handicraft Centres in India and Nepal. Our Handicraft Centres also give training and provide job placements for new arrivals from Tibet who are too old to go to school or to find work immediately. The Centre at Dharamsala alone has trained 526 students in various trades to date. With intensive training and high demand for quality works from its trainees, the TCV Handicraft Centres have fulfilled their objective of preserving Tibetan cultural heritage in the best possible way. The works of the Centres are also frequently displayed at various international museums and exhibitions.

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